The Global Gender Gap Report 2017 ranks Kenya 76 out of 144 globally with significant inequalities between males and females in education attainment, health outcomes, representation in parliament and participation in the labor market. Still, despite solid evidence demonstrating the centrality of women’s empowerment to reducing poverty, promoting the development and addressing the world’s most urgent challenges, gender equality remains an unfulfilled promise.

Moreover, gender-based violence is pervasive with almost half (45 percent) of women aged 15-49 have experienced either physical or sexual violence at some point in their life (Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2014). Without addressing the discrimination that women face in both private and public spheres, many of them will remain caught in a vicious cycle of poverty, repeated pregnancies, diminished capabilities, unfulfilled human rights, and unrealized potential.

This is the challenge this programme using the power of media seeks to address.  It has several objectives:

1.To increase public awareness and social mobilization to prevent and end violence against women and girls.

2. improve women’s access to education, skills training, and health information.

3. Give a space to women to tell their own stories using storytelling, film, photography and digital literacy.

4. Investing in innovative grassroots networks of women who are making changes within their communities

5. Target men to mobilize against violence against women and girls

6. To ensure public institutions and service providers are accountable to women and girls for prevention, protection, and response.

This project is a collaborative project between ASMO, Kyouth Media, Mwelu Foundation, SlumTV and the Coalition of Grassroots Human Rights Defenders


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