ASMO in partnership with Slum Film Festival has organized this year a Film Impact Academy and a Heart-To-Heart pitch forum that is set to happen during this year’s Slum Film Festival to be held on August 2019. Towards this end Mr. Floor Koomen a seasoned Creative Director from the Netherlands with ample experience in Africa (Kenya) will shape the first edition of the Heart-To-Heart Pitch Forum.


To create a lasting platform on which ‘content buyers and distributors’, such as, mainstream media, Film distributors and NGOs, and, filmmakers can exchange on buying and selling creative and relevant content for mutual benefit.


  • Film Professionals are trained to pitch their ideas and productions
  • Film Professionals network and get to know and inspire each other.
  • The market meets the Filmmaker

The steps towards the Heart -To – Heart Pitch Forum.

1. Call for entries

Write to to get a chance to attend the impact academy and get an opportunity to pitch your idea to content buyers and distributors, as well as, Film funders


2. The Selection

Selection will be done based upon the maturity of the plan, the motivation of the filmmakers, an assessment of the expected quality of the team and the production and compatibility with the needs of the Content buyers and distributors.

The selection will be done by a Jury of 3 people

As soon as the choices are made, the filmmakers are informed and invited to the Big 5 Impact Academy.  A short summary of the proposed productions is written and send to the Content buyers and distributors before the event.

3. Big 5 Impact Academy

A two-day workshop for the filmmakers in which a team led by Mr. Floor Koomen a seasoned Creative Director from the Netherlands will guide the potential Pitchers in putting together their presentations. The Impact Academy is based on the Big 5 Media Method that was designed and written by Floor.

It provides a step by step approach and involving the following 5 Steps:

  • The Goal of Pitch
  • The Target Audience
  • The Creative Idea and means
  • The Step by step presentation written down in minutes
  • The Final Check

The Big 5 Impact Academy result will be a well-prepared presentation to the content buyers and distributors. Filmmakers that fail to produce a satisfactory presentation are liable to be removed from the program.


Dates: 28th and 29th August 2019

Venue | Nairobi Film Centre


Is done according to a very strict format and lasts only 15 minutes each.  The Pitching Team consists of 2 persons.  One person is the creative mind (usually the director). The other is the producer who knows about the budget and planning. It is up to them to decide how to divide the available time. But the issue of finance and production needs must be part of the pitch.  It is up to the Pitch team to bring interesting, creative and provoking pitch. But it must contain info on the story to be told, the artistic value of their angle into the topic, the motivation, and a short clip/visual/audible presentation.

After the pitch, the audience (limited to the Content buyers and distributors) have 5 minutes to ask questions both on the subject/creativity and finance/production and advise the Filmmakers on the possible market potential of the intended production.


A 20-minute meeting will be organized between the Filmmakers and content buyers in which details of the production are discussed. The Content buyers and distributors have (limited) space to express improvement of the plan for their channel.

DATE | 30th August 2019

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