Our Membership



ASMO is a voluntary membership organisation. Membership is by organisation only and members shall consist of the following;

  • Full members, shall include the 6 founding member organisations and any other members admitted into full membership by the Board, and subject to a vote at the next AGM, after the 3rd year of the coming into force of this Constitution; .
  • Associate members, who shall comprise all those institutions, associations and organisations that are involved in sustainable social development with either a focus on slum dwellings locally, regionally or internationally and/or media, outreach or awareness campaigns; are eligible to apply for full membership after one year .
  • Affiliate members, who are the Organizations that the Association partners and works with in implementing different projects.

The decision to admit associate and affiliate members shall be made by the Management Committee and ratified by the Board:

  • any institution, association or organization desirous of being a member of ASMO shall make a written application in which a detailed description of its vision, mission and objectives shall be spelt out;
  • this application shall be forwarded to the Secretariat;
  • the Secretariat shall review each application and forward them to the Management Committee;
  • the Management Committee shall conduct due diligence and make necessary recommendations on the suitability or otherwise of each applicant to the Board;
  • the Board shall at its next meeting, decide to admit or reject any such membership application.

Except where otherwise expressly provided for, all full members of ASMO shall have equal rights, obligations and liabilities.

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