Here’s a look at what we have been up to!

Film Impact Workshop

ASMO in partnership with Slum Film Festival has organized this year a Film Impact Academy and a Heart-To-Heart pitch forum that is set to happen during this year’s Slum Film Festival to be held on August 2019.

ASMO Media School

In 2016, ASMO members running film and photography training programs came together to develop a certificate level film technology curriculum to equip trainees in a structured way with the right knowledge, attitudes …

Project Being A Girl

The Global Gender Gap Report 2017 ranks Kenya 76 out of 144 globally with significant inequalities between males and females in education attainment, health outcomes, representation in parliament and participation in…

Slum Film Festival

A unique talent event that brings together film producers and artists from all over the world. Slum Film Festival is a premier film event of its kind in the region. SFF recognizes and supports talents among…

Slum TV and Community Outreach

While skill building and production are important pillars of ASMO’s work, the importance of reaching out to its audience particularly slum…

Nairobi Talent Galore

Talent Galore is an event held annually aimed at showcasing talents
of kids and youth from diverse informal settlements within Nairobi…

Advocacy for the Arts

‘TuBonge’ is a project that seeks use film as an alternative medium to advocate for political, democratic and social justice by focusing on the issues that arise prior to, during and after the electioneering period.


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