Slum Film Festival

A unique talent event that brings together film producers and artists from all over the world.
Slum Film Festival is a premier film event of its kind in the region. SFF recognizes and supports talents among slum film artists in Kenya. Best films have been showcased in global festivals. Slum Film Festival has been running since 2012 and now in its 6th season as a commendable and only regional Film Festival in East Africa region. The event held each year brings in more than 2000 contributions by producers worldwide, and top films are screened in Nairobi, Nakuru and Kisumu Kenya reaching more than 10,000 people. Slum Film Festival (SFF) provides a platform for young and independent artists to showcase their work and link them to film circuits, where artists compete for Slum Film Festival (SFF), is a unique cultural event that brings together thousands of artists from all over the World to Nairobi every year in August.

Slum Film Festivals encourages learning between artists from the north and south and also within south (south-south) collaboration. It encourages exchanges between artists where they learn film production techniques and marketing, and also produce films in the process. Boot camps and coaching sessions between experienced artists and producers take place after each festival and it is an activity. We do believe that such capacity building process will help the artist learn to produce marketable products and also be able to reach out to local and international markets. SFF requires support to ensure that: A collaborative project between ASMO and Slum Film Festival will endeavor to develop SFF as a sustainable vehicle of capacity building of young independent filmmakers, marketing and knowledge on film production in the region.


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